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For anyone who has never received Spiritualist Healing or been in a Spiritualist Church, be assured 

that there is nothing to fear, but much to gain from experiencing Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Healing is a complementary therapy that involves channeling energies from the Spirit World,

through the Healing Medium to the client. Healing can bring about harmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Healing can be given, 'hands-on', or above the body working in the Aura, or as absent healing sent by thought or prayer. Spiritual healing works on a Soul Level, but the client does not need to have any particular Spiritual Beliefs. We are all Spirit, whatever our beliefs.


The Healing Energies will always go where they are needed and being Holistic will work on any level, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  The healer is merely a channel for the flow of healing energies.


The Spiritual Healers at the Temple of Light have completed a comprehensive training programme and are compassionate people who freely give up their time for the benefit of others.

HEALING SERVICE: An opening prayer will be said by the Healing leader asking the Spirit World to channel healing energies to those present and also to send absent healing to those in the Healing Book at church.


In your first session, you will be asked to complete a consultation form. If you wish to do so, you can share any problems you may have. These could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Any information you give will be confidential, and all documentation is kept under lock and key.


For Contact Healing, the healer will ask permission before the laying on of hands. Hands will generally be placed on the head, back or shoulders. The client should simply relax and enjoy the experience. The hands may feel warm to the client, and emotions may be brought to the surface. This is a normal response. The client can ask for the session to be stopped at any time. The healing will usually take between 20 and 30 minutes. The client will then be advised to just sit and drink a glass of water. It is important they are properly grounded before leaving the church.

The service will end with a prayer of thanks. Tea and coffee will be served. Any questions you have will be answered by our healers.




For information on Spiritual Healing or if you are interested in becoming a healer, contact our healing leader June Robinson:

07794676014 or email:  



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