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There are two main aspects of Spiritualist Philosophy:


1. Firstly there is the general philosophy that guides and motivates us. The SNU describe this as 'SPIRIT in ACTION', which describes the Spiritualist teachings received through Minister Judith Seaman.

These include the FOUR PILLARS, Healing , Peace, Respect and Evolution, "that can help us to build a stronger more inclusive religion as well as a better pathway for humanity...and form an empowering basis for us to think and act in a transformative way."

HEALING "is not just restoration of physical health, it is a universal remedy provided by the Spirit Source which if utilised properly promotes wholeness of body, mind and spirit. This is the ultimate use of Spirit in Action, working for others and for self-healing. Give five minutes a day to improve lives!

PEACE is not just cessation of war. It is personal tranquility and mental calm. It creates a state of friendliness to replace strife, which brings joy and fulfilment in life. The application of mental direction of thought, is used effectively for healing. So why not for peace within self and throughout the world? Use your Spirit in Action to make a difference.

RESPECT is not just refraining from unworthy conduct or thought. It is a positive attitude to all living things, especially consideration to people through politeness of communication. This engenders a feeling of understanding and goodwill within the soul. Using Spirit in Action to generate respect in your life will change your whole outlook, today, tomorrow and for the future of humankind.

EVOLUTION is not just allowing things to move on without focus. It requires a change in disposition, to direct movement which is necessary for growth and survival, and further development of original ideas. The power of Spirit in Action is promoting evolution whether we like it or not. But if we want to play a part in the evolution of Spiritualism, we must act constructively now!

2. PHILOSOPHY given as PART of a SERVICE: When a Medium takes a service in a Spiritualist church or centre, they will deliver 'a philosophy'. This is a short talk which is either inspired by Spirit or comes through direct voice from Spirit. It will be on a Spiritual theme.



          Be inspired or spoken by Spirit. Ideally a philosophy should not be rehearsed. The Medium can ask for a word or idea           to inspire them.

          Be based on a Spiritual Theme. A philosophy should be related to Spiritualism or Spirituality. Often the Seven 

          Principles will be discussed.

          Not be all about the Medium's own life. Philosophy should be general enough for each member of the congregation

          to relate to and gain meaning from.


          Be uplifting. It is important that philosophy sends a positive message to it's audience. People who attend a Spiritualist             service can be vulnerable. If they have lost someone close they can be feeling low.

          Last about 10-15 minutes




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