Please join us

Because of the deep cleaning requirements between

services, we are combining three services in one evening.          

All services are suspended until further notice


DIVINE SERVICE 7pm followed by



Because of the continuing threat of corona virus TIER FOUR restrictions are in place and church will remain closed until further notice.


       LIMITED NUMBERS because of social distancing. It will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.


       DIFFERENT HOUSEHOLDS cannot mix




       SUGGESTED DONATION is £2.50. Please bring the CORRECT MONEY if you can.


       NO BEVERAGES can be served. Please BRING YOUR OWN and take the container home with you.

       HAND SANITISER will be available and must be used on entrance to the church, and when using the toilet.

       There must be NO PHYSICAL CONTACT such as hugging, handshakes etc. (shame about that).

       There will be NO SINGING because of saliva droplets in the air. We will however play music and have a time for reflection.

       There will be no RAFFLES, BOOK SALES etc.


       You will be asked to leave your contact details to enable tracing if necessary.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience. We ask for your patience and forbearance during the early stages of re-opening. It will be a learning curve for us all. We look forward to seeing you.

Please contact Sue 07981892597 or templenews1@gmail.com







 until further notice