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Spiritualism is a religion which believes in the existence of one God. Our first principle 'The Fatherhood of God', refers to our acknowledgement that God is a universal presence that is central to all things. Spiritualists may personally use different names for this presence, such as 'the God Force', 'the Divine Spirit', or the 'Great Spirit'. However, all have their understanding that God is the source of all life and all things.

Spiritualism is a religion that gives us an understanding of God. This encourages us to feel connected with, and feel love towards others. Principle two and principle five relate to this.

Spiritualists do not believe in a fearful God sitting in judgement. We are our own judges, here, now and in the hereafter. Our third principle tells us we have a personal responsibility for our behaviour. Our sixth principle tells us we shall receive compensation or retribution for whatever we have done, whether good or bad.

Spiritualists believe in the continuance of the human soul as stated in our fourth principle. Continuance implies that we are already Soul Beings on the earth plane, encased in a physical shell.

The existence of an afterlife or Spirit World is a central belief in Spiritualism. This belief is shared by other religions, in particular Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Spiritualism however also believes that Mediums on the Earth Plane can communicate with those in the Spirit World. This communication provides proof of the continuance of the Human Soul.

The afterlife is not seen as a static place, but as one in which spirits continue to evolve and progress.

Spiritualism lays down no dogma. The Seven Principles are intended as guidelines for the way we live our life. Each individual is free to carve out their own Spiritual Path. Spiritualism stimulates Spiritual Growth and prepares us for eternal existence in the Spirit World.  


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